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Award Winning Design
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Made in America

Manufacturing in America starts with technology. We've invested in industry-standard software and a state-of-the-art, American-made CNC router to cut all of our parts to ensure accuracy and repeatability. With 16 parts, each 360 Knife Block part must be cut perfectly to ensure everything fits together flawlessly. 

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Which 360KB is right for you?


Original 360 Knife Block - designer hourglass shape.

The Original 360KB is designed to fit under standard upper cabinets and hold most popular home chefs' knives, less than 9" long blades. The stylish hourglass shape elevates our knife storage concept into a work of art. 

11.25" tall - to fit under standard upper cabinets. 

Both blocks are 8.25" wide. 

Same heavy 10lb rotating base, same strong magnets. 

Love your knives


360 Knife Block MAX

New in 2021, for people with more, BIGGER, knives, the 360KB MAX has capacity for as many as 20+ knives. Designed for use on kitchen islands, we added slots in the top to hold knives up to 8.5" long and the middle slot is 5" wide. Each of 4" wide straight sides can hold up to 12" long blades. 

12" tall

Same 8.25" foot print

Same heavy rotating base, new grid magnet position. 

Love Your Knives

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