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"Out and About"

with Sara & Henry

In 2016 we bought a Shop Saber CNC machine and in October 2018 we made this video about our business and experience with Shop Saber. 


Video by: Roaming Wolf Entertainment


Read our story.... 

~ August 2018

Henry Leggett was born in the picturesque English fishing village of Winterton-on-Sea. Inspired by a life of global travel, Henry developed a passion for fine furniture and quality British woodwork. 

Henry pursued a life of craft perfection earning a technical degree in design prototyping and later a Masters of Arts in furniture design from the London Guild Hall. After over a decade of custom furniture production Henry started Design Trifecta in 2014 to design and build unique furniture, carefully crafted in his San Francisco Bayview district workshop.                   Video 2017

Video Credit: Sarah Jane Leggett 

Music by: The Vegaband's Paul Cook

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