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Founded in 2009 as Barbary Coast Woodcraft, Henry Leggett's vision for a high quality manufacturer of thoughtfully designed, unique furniture has evolved into the technology-driven Design Trifecta.

We focus on sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials, utilizing domestically produced multi-ply with custom hardwood veneers for a modern look in wood furniture.

Computer Aided Design

From our concept ideation phase, we take our drawings and translate them into digital CAD (computer aided design/drawing) files and 3D models for further refinement. We utilize a variety of industry-standard software suites, affording us the versatility to pick the right tool for the job. Each piece is prototyped in house until it is perfected and ready for production. 

CNC Milling

The next step in production is part manufacture on our 3-axis CNC machine. Milling parts in such manner allows us to leverage our digital designs to efficiently produce accurate parts with tight tolerances - batch after batch. 


Precision cut parts need skilled assembly and finishing to transform them into high-quality furniture pieces. Leveraging nearly two decades of wood craftsmanship each of Henry's unique pieces is delivered fully finished and assembled. When implemented, we use high-quality hardware, fasteners, and resins - ensuring each piece is assembled with exceptional attention to detail. 

Preserving our natural wood resources is at the core of our materials selection process.  We partnered with an Oregon wood mill to have durable, long-lasting, 11,13, and 17-layer multi-ply, custom veneered with 'A grade' hardwoods like Walnut and Rift White Oak. Compared to solid lumber, using sheet material allows us to maximize our yield, while minimizing waste utilizing the same beautiful hardwoods - with improved stability and sustainability.

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